Welcome to Gator Country Adventure Park

Gator Country is an adventure park where people can view the lifestyle of an alligator and get up close and personal with the natural life. So many adventures is waiting for the people in this park. People are also familiar with lots of alligator those are unknown for them. People are also holding the baby gator to helping feed them and whole family will enjoy after coming this park

Adventure Show

Morelets Crocodile

Dwarf Caiman

Reticulated Python

Sand Boa

  • We had a wonderful experience in gator country Adventure Park. They take great take care of the gator and other animal’s also. They have also knowledgeable staff who can teach you anything about them. The staff were amazing! Lots of gator those you couldn’t see before or after, but Gator adventure park have it for giving you adventure.

    Crystal Stephanie
  • Great place for the family, couples and even also if you are alone. I think world’s most adventure park is that one where you will see the largest and oldest Gator and also view the natural scenario. Everybody, even the adults, kids had fun playing, holding and learning about the animals that were in the park. I will definitely recommend to go in this park.

    Charlie McNair
  • Still you didn’t get the adventure in your life then I should say to come Gator country Adventure Park We really enjoy our day in this park. The park was amazing with everything. We saw so many adventurous Gator here and we touch them, feed them. You can get the delicious food also here because they have restaurant also. They have also adventure package which one is really enjoyable for us. They have also special offer for the kids.

    James Taff
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